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Finding new customers, increasing your online sales, and getting your fair share in the e-commerce ecosystem is daunting.

Cranberri simplifies it, taking highly complex advertising tasks and distilling them down into two seamless platforms, enabling anyone to sell more online. No startup fees, no contracts.

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Cranberri combines pre-trained neural networks, advanced consumer targeting and dynamic native checkout ads to drive powerful results with minimal effort - for every user type.

We offer a powerful digital advertising platform to e-commerce Brands and Retailers, and a seamless RaaS (Retail-as-a-Service™) monetization platform and API to Developers and Publishers.

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If you have inventory, Cranberri can sell it. If you have a brand, Cranberri can promote it.

If you have an online audience, Cranberri enables you to monetize it instantly, and risk-free. Click your section to learn more or sign up for free.