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Turn your online store into a sales machine with the power of artificial intelligence.

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Cranberri is a fully automated solution, using A.I. to supercharge your online sales.

Explore the Platform's Solutions
  • Retarget

    Capture lost shoppers.

    Hate those abandoned carts? Just set your budget and follow lost shoppers across the web with ads - to finally close the sale.

  • Acquire

    Find new customers.

    Looking to acquire new customers? Cranberri uses advanced AI to target qualified shoppers from a pool of 900M+ online consumers.

  • ExpandComing Soon

    Gain sales channels.

    Want more sales channels? Just set a commission rate and let affiliates sell your products to their audience or readership.

  • FlashComing Soon

    Liquidate old inventory.

    Need to turn those old products into cashflow? Select the items you want to move off your books, and let flash sale sites do the rest.

Turn your e-sales on autopilot.

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Tons of features to help you sell more.

  • Super Smart AI

    The Cranberri platform uses artificial intelligence (deep neural networks) to connect your products with qualified online shoppers across all devices.

  • Military Grade Security

    All connections are secured with military-grade encryption. Your orders, customers, payments, and log data is always fully encrypted.

  • 2-Click Integrations

    Our pre-built 2-Click integrations with the top e-commerce platforms enable you to connect your store instantly, with no code, then go live.

  • Real-time Updating

    Our integrations support 2-way real-time updating. Your products, prices and inventory levels are always in sync with your Cranberri platform.

  • 100% Automated

    Harness the power of AI. All ads are auto-created, your campaigns are set up instantly, and your budgets are optimized in real-time, 24/7.

  • Bot Blockers

    Cranberri uses proprietary ID methods to ensure your ads are always served to real humans. Say goodbye to dead traffic from bots.

  • Increased Conversions

    Cranberri combines deep neural networks with advanced shopper targeting to achieve one simple goal: increase your online sales.

  • Support, 8am-8pm PST

    Got questions about a campaign, activating a new solution, or recent orders? Our domestic support team is available via chat, all day - 365.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Share your performance with the team. View real-time metrics or download custom reports, CAC, CPM, ROAS, ROI, and beyond.

How to Go Live on Cranberri

1. Connect your e-store

Setup is incredibly simple. In the platform, during onboarding, select your e-commerce platform provider (Shopify, Magento, etc). Follow the non-technical steps and securely connect your e-store.

2. Turn on your Cranium

Your Cranium™ analyzes millions of data points in real-time: conversion metrics, customer data, consumer behavior, and more. It uses advanced AI to connect shoppers with the right product.

3. Upload your brand assets

Help us to promote your brand! We know you work hard to create engaging, inspiring brand content - and we want to help you share it with the world. Just upload your assets to the portal, and you're done.

4. Activate your solutions

You're free to hop on the platform and select the solutions that are best for your current advertising goals. Just set your budget or commission rate (depending on the solution), then Go Live.

5. Receive orders from ads

For Retarget™ and Acquire™ you'll receive high converting web traffic. For Expand™ and Flash™, all orders are placed on the affiliate's site, but orders roll into your Shopify admin.

6. Watch your sales grow.

Detailed reporting and analytics are always available. Download a comprehensive report of your performance across every Cranberri solution. All your KPIs are updated in real-time, 24/7, 365.

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One free platform, Four digital solutions.

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Got Questions?

  • What is Cranberri?

    We know how challenging it is to increase your online sales, and we've built Cranberri to solve this problem. Cranberri is a digital advertising platform for e-commerce Brands and Retailers.

    It works seamlessly with your existing e-commerce store through 2-click real-time integrations. It uses advanced machine learning to turn your precious e-store data into an autonomous advertising machine. Join today for free and reach true e-commerce nirvana.

  • How does it help me sell more?

    Cranberri is built for e-commerce. It uses advanced machine learning to do just about everything you need to increase your online sales.

    You can choose from four different advertising solutions, depending on your current advertising goals and budget. After you activate a solution, the platform gets to work by putting your product in front of the people who want to buy it. It's that simple, and highly effective.

  • How does it use artificial intelligence?

    Every user is assigned a deep neural network, best described as a complex computer program that mimicks the human brain. It ingests your e-store's hidden data, and uses it to build intelligence through finding ever-changing patterns.

    It then makes real-time decisions with one goal in mind: to sell your products to people that want to buy them online. All you need to do is activate your Cranium™ during setup, and it will immediately begin collecting data. Your Cranium™ will take 4-6 weeks before it's fully optimized, however, it will begin making decisions from Day One.

  • How easy is it to use?

    Incredibly easy. Simply sign up for free, connect your current e-store platform in 2-clicks, then complete the setup in under thirty minutes.

    After onboarding, simply activate your solutions, set your budget, then Go Live. The platform automatically creates all your ads, sets up your campaigns, and goes to work selling your items online to shoppers new and old.

  • What does it take to get started?

    Not much. Sign Up for free, and commence onboarding.
    The setup takes less than thirty minutes to complete, and requires zero coding or marketing work. If you need help, our representatives are standing by on chat all day, everyday.

  • How do I pay for my ads?

    It depends on the solution. Retarget™ and Acquire™ are billed weekly. You'll simply set your weekly budget and Go Live. At the end of each week, you'll be charged the difference between your remaining budget and your set weekly budget. You can cancel anytime, and you'll no longer be charged. Expand™ and Flash™ are commission-based, meaning you simply set a commission rate you'll be willing to pay, and you'll only be charged after a sale is driven for you. We take all commissions at the time of order, so no need to worry about settling up.

  • Are there any monthly costs?

    Nope, we never charge you a dime to be on the platform. There are no long-term contracts and zero upfront starting costs. You are only charged when you serve an ad, or when we drive a sale.

  • How does it connect to my e-store?

    Cranberri uses our proprietary 2-Click™ E-Store Connector to ensure a real-time integration between your Cranberri platform and your online store.

    The connection enables Cranberri to facilitate orders directly into your backend dashboard, and your Cranium™ ingests data from your customer, order, payments, and product information. All integrations are secured with military-grade encryption.

  • What if my products go out of stock?

    Not to worry. If a product goes out of stock on your online store, your ads will immediately shut off. When it comes back in stock, your active ads will resume. Everything is synced in real-time.

  • Anything else I need to know?

    We hope not, but we understand you might have additional questions. Feel free to click the little green circle in the bottom right of this page, and start a chat with one of our friendly support reps. They are here to help 8am to 8pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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